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What are people saying about Living Care Retirement Community?

Meet Alice

Alice’s first introduction to Living Care was when she applied for an administrative job back in the late 70s. Alice went on to work for several Living Care administrators over 18.5 years until she decided to retire in the mid-90s. Alice states, “I told myself when I was working here that if I ever needed care, this is where I would want to be.”  Alice felt that all of the principals and policies that guided Living Care were things she believed in and would appreciate when the time came for her to move into a retirement community. In early 2014, Alice did make Living Care her home when she moved into an independent apartment, later transferring to Hillcrest Assisted Living on the Living Care campus. Alice says that she was thankful that as her needs changed, the extra support she needed was right here. Overall Alice reports, “I am very happy here and could not have asked for better care.”    

Meet Mitzi and her mother LaVerne

LaVerne moved to Living Care in 2016, first residing in an independent apartment and later transitioning to our assisted living apartment building. When asked her feelings about Living Care and what it has meant to her and her mother, LaVerne’s daughter Mitzi said, “The facilities and grounds at Living Care are beautiful and well maintained, but it is the people - the dedicated staff and volunteers - who make it truly special. When my mother transitioned from independent to assisted living, they ensured that the move was as seamless and painless as possible.”

Meet Clinton & Marie

Clinton & Marie have called Living Care home since 2013. When asked how they feel about Living Care, Clinton says, “I thank the Lord for drawing us here. It is home to us and we thank the Lord daily for our apartment. The maintenance staff is super. All the staff are great. We could not ask for anything better.”  Marie enjoys participating in the water aerobics classes as well as the strength and balancing exercise classes in the fitness center. Marie tells us, “I love all of the people here. It makes me so happy when I walk through the Village Center every day and see so many friendly people.”  Clinton & Marie have been married 75 years and when asked how their daughters feel about Living Care, they state, “They love it here. They are so comfortable with us being here and are so glad we made the decision to move here before they had to consider making the decision for us.”  They say that the kids are “tickled pink” about their home at Living Care, and those who live out of town love that we have guest apartments on campus so that when they visit, they can stay near mom and dad. In final thoughts about Living Care, Clinton and Marie agree, “We just can’t say enough good about it.”  

Meet Juanita Coronado

Juanita has worked in the Living Care dietary department since 1999 and was honored as employee of the year in 2014. Juanita has primarily worked in the Living Care assisted living building, called Hillcrest. When asked what she likes about her job, Juanita said, “I just love the residents!  I think my ability to love the residents so much is a gift that God has given me.”  One of her favorite things to do when she is able to is sing for the residents. She says they often request that she sing “Que Sera Sera”, and around the holidays they ask her to sing “Feliz Navidad”. Juanita says that one of her greatest challenges is regarding spoiling the residents. Although she knows she has to be careful and treat all residents equally, she says she just loves to spoil them all!  Having worked nearly two decades at Living Care, when asked her overall thoughts as an employee, she says, “It’s an awesome, wonderful place to work!”  What differentiates Living Care from other places she’s worked before?  “Everyone is so loving here!  The staff, maintenance, the administration. It comes from the administration down and everyone is so loving.”  We are thankful for staff like Juanita who help create the quality, loving atmosphere that Living Care has come to be known by. 


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